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Jennifer Becker

I design user-friendly products that your clients will love

As a Senior UX/Visual Designer, I bring over 20 years of expertise in design, research, testing, and interaction design. Throughout my career, I have designed a wide variety of products, ranging from mobile consumer applications to complex enterprise management and design tool applications, and have consistently demonstrated my ability to guide the UX design process from beginning to end. I am fully capable of leading and contributing to every stage of a user-centered design process, and am confident in my ability to do so effectively.


Senior Experience Manager

I lead, coach and collaborate with remote team of designers.

  • Proficient in project management using Jira to ensure projects are completed on time by setting timelines and allocating tasks to team members.

  • Communicates design strategies, processes, and outcomes to stakeholders, including executives, product managers, developers, and other teams.

  • Established design processes and best practices, ensuring that the team follows them to deliver consistent and high-quality designs.

Senior UX and Product Design Lead

I design user-friendly, inclusive and accessible products.

  • User Research: interviews, observations & workshops to understand how people use the system for daily tasks and activities.

  • Product strategy and prioritization of the roadmap to decide how and what to migrate to the new system.

  • Prototyping and usability testing on essential features.

  • Collaboration on our design system to make the product easier to maintain and evolve in the future.

  • Auditing and testing for Usability and accessibility compliance.

Accessibility Specialist

I am championing accessibility.

  • Championing accessibility and obtaining executive buy-in to working towards a road toward an accessibility maturity plan

  • Deep knowledge of accessibility principles, standards, and best practices

  • Specialize in creating accessible components that are usable as well as compliant.

  • Experienced in mentoring teams to achieve accessibility goal

  • Experience conducting accessibility testing (assistive technologies, color contrast, and keyboard navigation)

My Process










  • Kick-off meeting

  • Objective & purpose

  • Project goals

  • Challenges & Risks


  • UX Vision Workshop

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Interview

  • Empathy Map

  • User Persona

  • Storyboard

  • Customer Journey


  • Ideate

  • Collect User Needs

  • Business Opportunities

  • Visual Design

  • Prototyping

  • Guidelines


  • Stakeholder validation

  • Roadmap

  • User testing

  • MVP

  • Measure success

  • Solve dependencies

  • Overcome technical challenges

  • Meet business requirements

Next Steps

  • Iteration

  • Prioritize evolution

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