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Mdiio - Music Collaboration Tool

MDIIO application is a tool for the songwriting community to collaborate, network, pitch and monetize music. It allows Songwriters to organize their tracks, pitch songs and create and view projects on their computer as well as their phone. We customized the flows to allow users to search and pitch music  easily from their mobile devices and desktops in order to make the application accessible to all users.


Services provided:

  • Interview Users & Stakeholders

  • Understand user expectations

  • UX review of the current UI

  • Competitive Research

  • Brainstorm Sessions with users

  • Prototypes - Mobile and Desktop

  • Design UI images, icons and imagery

  • Create user stories

  • High-fidelity mockups

  • Define final theme, specs, and guidelines required for implementation

Web Application Design

Screen Design

Screen Design

Dashboard Design

Design Challenge & Goals

  • Task analysis to understand the users goals and well as the business goals

    •  Observed and documented a user’s current process; used this feedback as well as, the users wish list to provide a flow that would allows the user to quickly access their desired task (add music and send to a pitch; quickly communicate with team members; view notifications; 

  • Clearly define the user groups and understand their workflows;

  • Created workflows and wizards to help users add content;

  • Simplified on-boarding experience – separate login from Join;

  • Provide a clean dashboard to allow users to see progress, notifications and new opportunities;

  • Combine workflows that make sense (add a track and pitch from the track);

  • Re-arrange data in tables to allow users to find important data; add applicable sort and filter options;

  • Created a wizard to help guide users to add all the information for creating a project;


Wizard Design

My Role & Process

  • Preformed a UI audit of the current application;

  • Researched the competition, talked to customers and stakeholders and created a user flows;

  • Created wireframes, mockups and design options;

  • Defined the final theme, specs and guidelines for implementation;

  • Ensure that all critical flows were available on Mobile and Desktop.


We designed a user-friendly dashboard that works quickly and efficiently for a busy restaurant.


Our final product included a wizard for adding reservations and on-boarding, a website builder, email marketing tool, menu builder, table planning and a hostess dashboard for both desktop and mobile users.


Mobile Design

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